Kari S. Watts, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LLC
Clinical Psychologist
Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Kari S. Watts, Ph.D. has ten independent contractors trained in early intervention and applied behavior analysis who work under her supervision.  Consultants may work individually with clients with developmental disabilities on a variety of skills, including communication skills, self-help skills (dressing, grooming, etc.), academic skills, and social skills.  Consultants can observe the client at school and at outside therapies (speech, OT, PT) to make sure skills taught in these settings are being reinforced in the home environment.  Consultants can work with the school on IEP development and implementation, and also on behavior systems that span both home and school environments.

For clients who choose to withdraw from public school and use the Autism Scholarship, consultants are able to provide full home school programming to implement the child's IEP at home with tutors/therapists employed by Kari S. Watts, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LLC.  The scholarship can also pay for aide support within a private school setting. 

For children who attend school outside the home, a home program can be built to suit the client's needs and hours of availability. Tutors/therapists are not provided by this office, but consultants are able to help with advertising and know a variety of resources to help with staffing the home team.  If a client has a Level One waiver or I/O waiver, the consultant can help train staff paid through those waivers to implement the home programs.  Similarly, if the client has Home Health hours through Medicaid, the consultant can help train staff to implement home daily living skills programs.

Social skills groups are held weekly at the office.  A variety of groups are offered depending on the child's age and skill levels.

For children who do not yet have a diagnosis, developmental and psychological evaluations for initial diagnosis can be performed.

For children with a current diagnosis, re-evaluations to update progress/recommendations can be performed.

Services may be paid for through Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Ohio State insurance,  the Autism Scholarship, or privately paid.

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